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Time to Talk Day

Today we have taken part in TimetoTalk. The theme this year is the power of small; even a small conversation has the power to make a big difference. We also support the idea of #asktwice. We often say we’re fine, when we’re not. By asking twice, we know the person asking wants to listen. Each lesson students have started with some multiple choice questions to get us talking about the small things. At form time we have talked about the importance of our own mental health and had the opportunity for some mental health bingo. Staff have had a chance to ‘connect’ during lesson changeovers and be active to get us out of our seats as we can’t meet in person. Thank you to Mr Hodgkinson and Miss Taylor for motivating us through the morning and afternoon.
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As part of children’s mental health week we have highlighted the importance of discussing how we are feeling and coping in this lockdown. If you feel that you would like to discuss your child’s mental health with school, please contact their Head of College or Mrs Pass in the 6th form. 

Time to Talk Day Bingo:

Time to Talk Day Card Game