The importance of school and home working together

At Alsager, we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we as a school have with our parents and carers. We fully understand the importance of working effectively in a partnership with home for the benefit of our young people. In choosing Alsager for your child, you acknowledge and support the high standards we set. We in turn, make no apology for our high standards, be that in terms of uniform or behaviour. In order to maintain these standards, we rely on the support of our parents and carers. As a school and educational professionals, we really do appreciate how fortunate we are to work with such a supportive, engaged and interested parent body.
However, over recent months and weeks there has been a real increase in parents / carers not supporting the school’s decisions, ranging from minor incidents, such as not supporting after school detentions or uniform standards, to for more serious instances of school staff being verbally abused or insulted by parents / carers (sometimes in front of children). All this makes our job more challenging, makes it difficult to maintain our high standards, is poor role modelling to our young people but most importantly it is not acceptable that staff are made to feel vulnerable and in some cases frightened of dealing with certain parents / carers.
We work hard here at Alsager to role model positive behaviour and use of language so that we can help our young people develop into good citizens and role models themselves. I totally accept that as a school we are not perfect, we are human beings and we will make mistakes. We welcome the support of parents / carers to help us improve our practice but this must be done in an appropriate way. We all need to work together and support each other for the benefit of your son or daughter.
I look forward to your continued support.
Kind regards
Richard Middlebrook
Executive Headteacher

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