Alsager School

Sent into Space

Year 10 Design and Technology students have been participating in an event called ‘Sent into Space’ which is run by KMF. This involves designing and making a capsule which will be taken into space by a weather balloon. We are very grateful to our sponsors, Staffordshire Engineering, who are helping us to complete the project.

Connah McLean said: “We started off by assigning jobs amongst the team for the design and construction of the module. After a couple of weeks we went to Staffordshire University and KMF who sponsored the project and introduced us. Then after three weeks we went to Newcastle College to speak to the pros and they told us what to do and how to do it. Then when we made our prototype we took it to the Britannia Stadium where we met the presenter of the gadget show, Jason Bradbury.

Jason introduced himself and helped some of the ‘Sent into Space’ team to set off the practice launch and show us how to do it. This also gave us an idea on what was going to happen. When they launched the practice capsule we were able to track where it was going and where it will end up”.


Dan McLaren, aged 14, said: “We have programmed the capsule to carry out some experiments in the air. We want to compare ultraviolet light with the altitude so we know it has gone through the ozone layer, we should see a spike in activity”.


Fourteen-year-old Andrew Burgess added: “There were parts of it when we thought it was a bit difficult on the computing side, but now we’ve finally sorted it. The main thing we hope is to get nice images of the landscape when it gets into the sky”.

Today, along with Ms Salt and Mr Steed, they took their finished capsule to RAF Cosford where it was launched along with other competing schools. The team are busy tracking the flight of the module with computer software and hopefully (after many miles) recover it from its landing site.

The capsule can be tracked on following 12YEOTY and 12YEOTY_chase