Alsager School

Race Around The World

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it… Beat The Teachers: Race Around The World!
The staff at school have decided to walk or run around the world, all 24,901 miles of it… And we are challenging you to a race!! Your challenge starts on Monday 8th February!
It would be lovely to see lots of you involved, this can be as a one off distance or a weekly distance until you either Beat The Teachers or The Teachers Beat You!!
What’s more exciting is… we have challenged your parents/ carers to join in too. So that is you racing against teachers and your parents/ carers.
All you need to do it complete the form that will get sent out weekly and tell me how many miles/ kms you have walked/ ran in that week.
It is a challenge where you can all work together to complete the mileage, every little helps. I will keep you updated weekly with how far you have gone and we would really like to encourage you to use this opportunity to get some fresh air, some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.
It us really important you are safe, if using monitoring devices such as Strava, please see the attached safety sheet.
I really look forward to seeing how far you go and hearing about the adventurous places you are walking or running too (feel free to sent some pictures).
Please use the attached short powerpoint for more information.

Enjoy the challenge and let battle commence!!
Miss Taylor

Beat the Teachers Presentation

Safety on Strava