Alsager School

Poland 2016

Report by Andrew Burgess and Ellie Chadwick, photographs by Andrew Burgess.

From the 23rd-26th June 2016, the History department organised a trip to Krakow, Poland.

Day one was the most tiring, from 1:15 AM the children had journeyed to Poland and on arrival had the opportunity to take a tour of the historic city of Krakow. They then enjoyed an evening of Polish food and traditional folk entertainment where Mr Mc Fadden found himself dancing with two ladies!

On Day 2 they travelled across the city on foot to Schlinder’s factory, here they followed a tour around the museum which focused on the Jewish culture and the effects of the Second World War. Later that day, after having a lunchtime meal in the city centre, students had the opportunity to speak to a holocaust survivor and listen to her story. The evening then continued to follow the Jewish cultural theme, before dining everyone took the chance to go into the last working synagogue in Krakow and see how the Jewish population had been in Krakow many years before the war. To finish of the day the students then enjoyed a Jewish meal accompanied by the music of a talented band.

Day 3 started with an early morning and a big breakfast, before the emotional tour of Auschwitz concentration camp. Here everyone was taken back by the experience and the information given by their tour guides. The afternoon took a different turn and the students went to a shopping centre to splash some cash! This was then followed by yet another 3 course meal at a restaurant in the city centre before returning to Hotel Batory.

Day 4, after checking out of the hotel the group visited the salt mine where staff and students were astonished by the workmanship of the miners who had worked down there and the structures they had created. The main part of this being a church made purely from salt!

It was then time to leave Poland behind, and after a flight back with Ryanair and a short education from a ‘Top Gun’ DVD on the coach everyone was home safe!

Overall it was a fantastic trip which everyone thoroughly enjoyed, with a big thankyou to Trip leader Mrs Abbotson and the rest of the staff and students.