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Numeracy: Open Alsager Challenges

Intermediate Spring 2nd half challenge


Answer to January problem:       J+K+L+M = 9


Solutions to your maths teacher by the last day of spring term


Winners for January  were


Amy Robinson

Hamd Cheema

Steven Tang

Millie Leese

Helena Cartlidge

Congratulations to you all.

 Winners from November

Senior Challenge Yr 9 and 10

Matt Furber y9

Oliver Emmerson Y9

Junior Challenge Yr 7 and 8

Hamd Cheema y8

Helena Cartlidge y8

Steven Tang y8

Zoe Riley y8

James Reid y7

Open Alsager Challenges


Each month the maths department are now setting open challenges for each of the student key stages. These are posted in the maths area and online for any student (even parents) to solve. Prizes to the best solution judged to be correct are to be announced.

Year 7 and 8 Maths Problem:


Year 9 and 10 Maths Problem:




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