Alsager School

No ‘ape’ing around at Alsager School

Year 11 spent time on Wednesday finding out how to “manage their chimp”. The year group had a great time taking part in a workshop led by trainers who work for the Chimp Management Company. The sessions provided students with a means to be able to recognise the role that their emotions (their chimp) play in everything that they do and to enable them to manage their emotions so that they can behave in a logical (human) way.

Students were shown a simplified version of their brain, broken down into three parts: the human (logical side), the chimp (emotions) and the computer (storage of information) and saw how quickly emotions take hold and force us to behave in a particular way; one that is not always helpful.

The “chimp model” is the brain child of Dr Steve Peters who has current and past involvements with Liverpool Football Club, the British Cycling Team and England Rugby. The run up to exams can be highly emotional so let’s hope that our year 11 have taken on board all that they heard yesterday and can manage the stress levels and keep the “chimp” in check.