Alsager School

New 6th Form Dress Code

Dear 6th Form Parent / Carer

I would like to thank you and your son / daughter for supporting our new 6th form dress code so well this week. We are aware that some parents (and students) had concerns about the new approach to 6th form dress, however, the impact this week has been quite remarkable. The students look fantastic! They look ready to work and study, huge numbers of our younger pupils have commented and described our 6th formers as superb role models. Many staff, visitors, parents and governors have commented on their much improved appearance and the positive impression it gives of the individual, the 6th form and the school. Indeed many of the students themselves have said to me that despite some reservations, they like their ‘smart look’ and that it does put them in the right frame of mind for work and study.

My thanks once again and long may this continue.

Best wishes

Mr Middlebrook