Lunchtime Permission Y 10/11

As you may know, from September 2019 students in years 10/11 have the option to go off site at lunchtime, unless permission is withdrawnfrom the school or from parents/carers.

We feel our older students are mature and responsible enough to leave the school site and trust they will represent the school in a positive manner around the local community.

I do however need to point out to you that whilst pupils are off site at lunchtime the school cannot be held legally responsiblefor their safety and well-being, you as their parent/carer resume responsibility for them during this time.  The school gates will be opened from 12:05-12:15, allowing pupils time to exit the school and will re-open at 12:30-12:40.

If you wish for your son/daughter to remainon site, I would request that you please advise the school in writing.  Please direct your emails/letters to your son’s/daughter’s Head of College.  Should we not hear back from you we will assume that you are happy for them to leave the siteat lunchtime and take full responsibility for them during this period.

I must stress however that this is a privilege, which is very much behaviour dependent and should any student’s behaviour fall below the standards we expect, this privilege will be withdrawn resulting in the student having to remain on site during the lunch period.  You and your child will be informed of this.

As now, all pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 must remain on site during lunchtime.

Should you have any concerns or are unclear about any of this please contact your son’s/daughter’s Head of College.

Many thanks

A O’Neill

Head of School

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