Alsager School

Key Stage 3 Subject Prize Winners

Congratulations to all our Key Stage 3 Subject Prize winners. They were chosen by each faculty for their hard work, commitment and enthusiasm for that subject. All students, together with two guests, have been invited to attend one of our Presentation Evenings in September to receive the award. 

Winners were Andrew  Kemp: Science,  Chloe Brakner: Art,  Anais Bullock: History,  Miriam Mroivili: Drama,  Bethany Adams-Butler: BITE,  Evelyn Lees: Geography, Madeleine Birks: English,  Izzy Lewis: PE,  Rosie Smith: MFL,  Samara Smith: Technology,  Edward Blank: Music, Esmae Doig: Maths and  Euan O’Neill: RE.

Well done and congratulations to you all!


Key Stage 3 Subject Prize winners