How the heart works

Year 9 are learning about how the heart works and had the opportunity today to dissect a heart and identify all the parts. The students could see the coronary arteries at the front of the heart and the main blood vessels coming in and out of the heart. They enjoyed feeling the heart muscle and noticed the really thick muscle wall on the left side of the heart, needed to pump blood to the rest of the body. As they dissected the heart, they identified the four chambers and valves inside. Some could even poke their fingers through the chambers and see which blood vessel it connected too!

Associate Science teacher, Miss Brown, said: “It was also great to discuss the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and the effects of a high fat diet on the heart. Students were able to feel the rigid fat deposits on front of the hearts and reflect on how this would put strain on the heart muscle, making it difficult for muscle contractions”.

Several students who felt uncomfortable in taking part in the dissection carried out a related research task in the LRC and created a quiz for those in class to answer.

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