Alsager School

Creative Poems

On Thursday 1st February Alsager School took part in the time to change campaign #timetotalk to get everyone talking about mental health and to tackle the stigma that surrounds mental health. Throughout the school day subject teachers promoted activities for constructive talking at the start of each lesson and during form time.


Our students created some fantastic creative poems using Time to Talk Day:


#timetotalk can happen anywhere. We are actively backing the idea that conversations can save lives; coming together to talk gives us a sense of community and support. It is hard to find the words to start a conversation, yet it can start with a simple how are you. Putting mobile phones down to actually listen and to look at body language can tell us more than the words that are spoken. Being side to side rather than face to face can also be less intimidating; in the car, doing the dishes (even if you have got a dishwasher), completing a household chore can be a good starting point. #timetotalk

Opening up a conversation about mental health

Time to change - Time to Talk