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    Year 7 have recently been looking at storyboards, but putting a Lego twist to it. Fergus in Year 7 has created a fantastic and fitting storyboard to thank our NHS! Well done Fergus – Miss Brittain
    As part of the Cirque d’Alsager project, 7X/F3 have been describing their daily routine as a member of the circus. Bon travail !
    Year 8 French were given the task of creating a cartoon character as part of their project about Asterix & Obelix. Bon travail la classe!
    Well done Isobel B on making a cake representing the different layers of the Earth. – Miss Brooks thinks your creative world structure looks yummy.
    Year 7, getting creative while doing questions on Hinduism, well done!
    Miss Taylor is delighted to share Emily’s flip book she made as part of her Psychology task of make a creative and visual representation of synaptic transmission – well done Emily!
    A brilliant example of year 7, completing ‘Grand De-Shrines’ Puja Hindu worship project. This year 7 has build their own ‘shine’ of things that are important to them in their life.

    Please download the file below for the 4th edition of the Sixth Form newsletter:

    Year 8 Computing were set the task to create a coded message in Ascii code for staff to translate, Keira combined her Computer Science task with Pride Month. Excellent work Keira.
    Miss Taylor thinks Kimberley did a great job on her year 7 Geography work, which was to investigate student’s global connections, by looking at their household items – well done Kimberley!
    Samantha in year 12 did an excellent painting to represent the Humanistic Approach in Psychology, which was set as part of a ‘Make it in May Challenge’.
    Jess in Year 7 has produced a fantastic research page all about Michael Landy for her Art project. Well done Jess! – Miss Brittain
    Year 8 French are completing a project about the French love of BD (Comics). Finn has created his own comic strip inspired by current events.
    Nevinka in Year 8 has completed her colouring of our new SPIRIT logo
    Fabulous VE day work from Owen in year 7 – well done!
    Fender the cat hard at work
    A new SPIRIT logo to say thank you to our key workers
    Ami made cheese and potato dumplings – a wartime recipe. Well done!
    Aiden had a fantastic VE day party
    Fergus C decorated his garden for the celebrations
    VE Day ration scones from Sam P
    Some more fabulous VE Day photos from yesterday
    Mrs Platt had afternoon tea with her neighbour who served in WW2 where he told them stories about the troops that became his family.
    These are Ruby’s 7 EME Emergency brownies from nigella. They look so amazing and thinking you might like to try them too for your VE afternoon tea?
    More social distancing adverts for major brands from year 9 & 10 business pupils. Well done to all who sent in adverts this week!
    Year 8 have been looking at Energy resources – well done to Olivia for making a superb solar oven! ~ Miss Brittain
    Some more excellent social distancing adverts from Mrs Hollins-Wrights year 9 and 10 Business pupils. Well done everyone!
    Mrs Brazier is not sure if Walter dog is here to observe or assist, either way he is not up to the job!

    Please download the latest Sixth Form Newsletter via the link below.

    For her Computing Challenge Nevinka in Year 8 has written a coded message in Ascii Binary code for Mrs Hollins-Wright to decode.
    Well done, excellent coded message and very true.
    Mrs Hollins-Wright challenged year 9 and 10 business pupils to come up with a social distancing advert for a major brand of their choice, these are a selection of the excellent adverts sent today.
    Mr Hodgkinson is setting this Geography teaser:

    “Global warming is likely to increase volcanic activity in the coming years. Why is this?”
    Freddie in year 8 has designed his phone of the future “around holograms as they are likely to become the norm and 6g is most likely already in development. This can be used for playing games like a normal phone and can also be used for work and can store large files as it has a 3 TB capacity”.

    Well done Freddie!
    Lara has created a fantastic design for a phone of the future supported by a very detailed write-up in which she explained the functions and features that make it stand out: It can be worn like a watch and then extended to phone size, the strap is removable, the advanced camera settings, colours and holographic projector. Very well done Lara G.
    Miss Howlett asked her Y7 class to draw or make a 3D version of a farm to practise animals in French. Amy created this amazing model of her farm. Very impressive!
    Mrs Terry’s Maths challenge:

    How many small cubes are needed to complete the larger cube?
    Alsager Schools WOW (WB 4/5/20)- How far will you go? Have a go at the exercises and lets see where your virtual travels take you!
    Enjoy the challenge, this week set by Miss Taylor
    All this chocolate and strawberry cake is missing is a bit of cream and it will feel like spring with a lovely cup of tea to finish it off. Well doe Lilly it has been presented like a pro.
    Congratulations to our Science Stars for this week!
    Beth in year 10 has been busy creating this fantastic drawing to commemorate the 7th anniversary of VE Day
    A great project from Courtney in year 9 looking at the challenges our rainforests face in the future and the degree of optimism we can have about their future.
    Wow pasta salad cooked and adapted for the two sisters. Showing great knife skills and using the hob. Well done Ellie- May
    Rose has made some beautiful hot cross buns, really showing off her skills! Well done!
    Harvey in year 7 has been busy baking chocolate cake this week keeping up his food practical skills during lockdown.
    Lucas has used Minecraft to create his 3D structure.
    Mr Harbour is delighted with the 3D modelling work year 8 student George has completed.
    If you want to practice your French and your cookery skills at the same time, you could make these delicious sable biscuits.
    This is a seed that Sam in year 7 found in his garden. He has decided to plant it for Earth Day and can’t wait to see what it grows into.
    Mrs Terry’s Maths Challenge: Can you work out what the question mark is?
    I have recreated Campbell can and colored it in in the style of pop art.
    Here’s what the students in school made today, a rainbow for the NHS
    Ella in year 7 has made these delicious French Crêpes for her family. I am sure they enjoyed them.
    A fantastic plant drawing inspired by Michael Landy from Ella in Year 7. Well done Ella – Miss Brittain
    7EME bake off entry is Tia’s Tarts made from a biscuit base and homemade caramel in the middle topped with strawberry and homemade cream.
    Rex hasn’t stopped his practical food skills, as he is working through the recipe list given to him at the start of his food rotation. Here is his fantastic Oaty cookies.
    Allana & Fraya in years 8&7 made a board game called Quarantine Quest.
    Allana & Fraya in years 8&7 made afternoon tea baking various cakes and sandwiches. They gave some to their neighbours too (socially distancing).
    This week geography classes were set a series of challenges to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  

    This is a meat free meal cooked and eaten by Oliver in yr 7. Well.done it looks amazing!
    Mrs Terry’s Maths Challenge:
    Solution to be posted on Tuesday!
    Fabulous Art work sent to Mrs Jennings from Rudy in year 8 – portrait of Billie Eilish – brilliant Rudy!
    Yesterday the SPIRIT lesson focused on kindness. One task was to design a thank you NHS t-shirt. Miss Edwards was inundated with emails from the students showcasing their designs (86 designs overall), she’s looked through them all and chosen 20 to share with you.
    Nancy in year 7 wanted to share her eggcelent creation – Eggie the Eagle from the movie known for his skiing jumps.
    A close up flower drawing using only 1 colour of pen. I am very happy with the way this turned out, I haven’t tried this technique before.
    Arran year 7
    Jack has been making PPE headbands for NHS workers.
    Emily in Year 8 combined her imagination and  her French skills to create this colourful alien.
    One of our talented Year 8 Germanists has completed the task of finding a painting by a foreign artist and drawing an interpretation. Miss Howlett is very impressed. Gut gemacht!
    Matthew in Year 8 made these delicious looking pretzels. I am sure his family enjoyed them
    We have been sent this great photo – do you have any extreme reading photos to share? 
    Please send to
    Emily in Y7 did some baking. She made a French ‘tarte au chocolat’ and said it tasted amazing! We think it looks delicious too. Bon Appétit !!
    Mr Ramsey congratulates yr 7 student, Emily. She was asked to make a biography of a historical figure, which she did, and then she went one step extra and created a short story about a time traveller.
    Mrs Terry’s Maths Challenge, number 3:
    Can you work out what the question mark is? (it may not be as straightforward as you think!)

    The Sixth Form team have produced a newsletter to keep students, parents and carers informed of developments in the Sixth Form. Please download the file below for more information.

    Emily in Y7 has completed her own sketchbook challenge, she firstly researched into the artist “Linda Woolford” practised her sketching and then watercolour painting. Well done Emily, fantastic work!
    Mrs Rawlins introducing ‘Egg’ Sheeran!  So much opportunity to enjoy music right now. “Music is the shorthand of emotion”
    Managed to finish of this egg art today, took some time but used a mixture of black, purple and blue. I then flicked the white paint onto it to make it look like the nights sky. Ryan Year 12
    If you are Vegan or don’t have eggs to decorate you may like to try this. These are the stones my daughter and I painted in the Mandala style, which is an ancient Peruvian tradition. Mrs Cleaver
    “Ford GT marker drawing. This took me 5 hours to do, and I’m very happy with the result.”
    Arran Year 7
    Our sixth form council wanted to continue to share our message of kindness and togetherness. 🌟
    Day 2 of the ADT sketchbook challenge and Miss Salt has been inspired by the colourway used in Andy Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe screen print. Replacing the famous Campbell soup tin for Heinz Beanz.
    This is Megg. Short for Minion Egg. His outfit is painted metallic minerva blue, and his goggles are painted with 30 year old enamel paint from my dad’s airfix kit box. By Arran Year 7
    This week’s solution to Mrs Terry’s Maths Challenge
    Our science stars for week 2
    This afternoon, Miss Salt has emailed all Y7, 8 & 9 pupils with an ADT Easter Sketchbook Challenge. Miss Salt will upload her examples to the “Alsager Still at Work” blog throughout the Easter break to support you and if you are taking part, she encourages you to share you work too..Enjoy!
    Tourist leaflet for the Golden Temple by Archie
    Another eggcellent entry for our challenge – the NHS eggs are from Ruby in year 7
    Another amazing culinary creation by one of our Y7 Spanish students! ¡ Bien hecho! Dylan. Las tapas parecen deliciosas.
    The Challenge –  to make a summary page using less than 25 words:
    Here is an Outstanding example from Ruby in Year 7
    Miss Taylor is impressed with Eti’s ‘Design your own country’ competition and can see that he has incorporated map symbols, which he learned about during  the ‘Mapping Madness’ topic last last term.
    Alsager Workout of the Week 2 is here! Enjoy the challenge and keep active!! Stay safe!!

    Thank you NHS – Doctor Yolkstein, Nurse Shelly & Patient Humpty
    Quote of the day from the RE department
    Lauren being helped with her electrolysis work by Loki
    Mrs Skingle is multi-tasking whilst marking A level essays #alsagerstillatwork
    One of the tasks for language students is to research a foreign artist and create your own artwork inspired by them.  Mrs Brazier loved receiving Jasmine’s Picasso inspired artwork.

    Our ‘Alsager Still at Work’ Gallery

    The History Department have been missing each other, so we caught up on a group chat to discuss who was the greatest Briton.  Why not make contact with friends and family and try it yourself!
    “Budding Geographers,

    This might be of interest to you!

    #Geographersatwork #Geographyathome
    Join Mrs Doughty for the first Workout of the Week WOW #1.
    Tag us in your #healthyselfie
    3 times a week is the aim!
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