Alsager School

Alsager School Presents – HOT MIKADO

Tickets are now on sale for Alsager Schools production of ‘Hot Mikado’ – a colourful, lively version of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan tale which takes the original musical and jazzes it up to 1940s swing-style. The singing and dancing numbers are fantastic, performed with incredible energy by the students of Alsager School.

Set in Japan, young Nanki-Poo, the Mikado’s son masquerading as a Trumpet player, arrives in the town of Titipu looking for the girl he loves, the beautiful Yum-Yum. After bribing various officials, he learns that she is still going to be marrying a former tailor turned Lord High executioner, Koko. Meanwhile, the Mikado demands that Koko execute one person within the next month. Nanki-Poo agrees to be executed as long as he can spend a month as Yum-Yum’s husband. However, the plan goes awry when the Mikado makes a surprise visit to Titipu and brings with him Katisha, an older woman who is pursuing Nanki Pooh. Will Nanki-Poo escape the clutches of Katisha and avoid the executioner? Will there be a happy ending? Well, it is a musical so you can probably guess– but you’ll have to come along to find out.