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Anti-Bullying – Ambassadors


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We do not have an issue with Bullying at Alsager School due to the positive relationships between our students and the excellent work of all of our staff.  A key part of this success is that our Anti-Bullying ambassadors play a key role in educating their peers, staff and governing body on the different types of bullying, what people can do to promote positive relationships and what to look out for if someone is a potential victim of bullying.

Our Anti-Bullying ambassadors are leaders and have contributed to the Anti-Bullying Policy as well as the following activities:

  • In July Ambassadors attended the Cheshire East Anti-Bullying Conference at Sandbach School where they contributed to the authority wide policy.
  • In September they collaborated with Mrs Walton and Mr Clegg on the Anti-Bullying policy which can be found on our web site.
  • In November they led the College briefings and trained the teaching staff on the different types of bullying as well as educating the staff on what their roles are as Anti-bullying Ambassadors.
  • In December they ran workshops for all of the Year 7 Forms on the different types of bullying ensuring that students understood the potential impact of bullying and what they should do if they were worried about bullying.

Upcoming Events:

  • In the Spring term our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are conducting surveys and focus groups in order to identify further changes to be made to help and support our students.
  • The Ambassadors are also contributing to an accreditation from the Diana Award that the school are applying for with regard to the work undertaken for anti-bullying .

We are incredibly proud of our Anti-bullying Ambassadors and the work that they do.  They have status around the school as student leaders and role models for the rest of the school.  They were recently invited to a celebration with Mr Middlebrook and Mrs Walton to thank them for their great work.