Alsager School

Curriculum Statement and Overviews


The wide ranging curriculum offered at Alsager School reflects our school vision and is indicative of the importance that we place on the development of the whole student. Our curriculum focuses, not only on knowledge, but also on equipping students with the tools they need to go on and lead independent, purposeful and fulfilled adult lives.

We provide students with an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum. Students study a wide range of academic and creative subjects which are designed to give them a comprehensive range of experiences before they begin to consider which subjects they would like to take towards their exams. This empowers students to make appropriate choices based on their personal interests, achievement and careers advice.

Our curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of individual learners but is underpinned with a growth mind-set and belief that all students can learn and develop. In Maths, English and Science, where setting by ability is used, it is reviewed regularly with planned opportunities for students to move between groups.

In all years, we offer an aspirational and interesting curriculum which builds students skills and experiences. We have allocated teaching time carefully, ensuring that learners are able to experience a full curriculum, before making their option choices.

In Year 9, the curriculum becomes more bespoke with learners studying their chosen options alongside a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, SPIRIT (PSHE), RE and PE. We arrange the curriculum this way to provide students with a truly enriching experience. They are able to fully explore concepts and discuss in detail the curricular in their chosen subjects, without the need to narrow the number or breadth of options. All students choose four subjects to pursue alongside their core curriculum.

At least one of these choices must be an EBacc subjects –Computer Science, History, Geography, German, French or Spanish. Many students choose to study more than one of these subjects.

At Alsager School, the teaching of physical, social, emotional, health and citizenship and British values plays a key part in students overall development. Students therefore receive SPIRIT lessons on these aspects each week in addition to form times and assemblies. Our SPIRIT curriculum adapts to current affairs and geographical issues, ensuring that it remains relevant and effective.

In addition to the formal curriculum students are offered a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and many leadership opportunities. Please download the documents below to see how the 50 period fortnight is divided between subjects: