Alsager School

LRC Shadowing Group

As part of the LRC’s reading activities, HAL students were invited to participate in a Shadowing Group. The purpose of this group was to ’shadow’ the judging process for the CILIP Carnegie Book Awards; they read, discussed and reviewed the shortlisted books elected by CILIP’s panel of Librarian judges.

The Alsager School Shadowing Group was centred around their very own website – the Alsager LRC Shadowing Group web page On this page they have been able to write reviews on the shortlisted books, record their shadowing via a blog and display videos they have written and produced.

Shadowing Group

Two members of the group collated all reviews and comments to make a magazine, which has been circulated around all year 7 and 8 form groups.


One video was a re-enactment of a ship wreck scene from the book ‘Salt to the Sea’, set in World War II. This book has actually won the award in the end, to the delight of the group. The re-enactment was made as realistic as possible by being carried out in the nearby swimming pool. The other video was a TV chat show host interviewing Zen, an intergalactic thief, the main character of the book ‘Railhead’. One of the students actually edited this video himself.