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Anti-Bullying – Competitions


Anti-Bullying – Competitions and Winners

The Co-operative Learning team set all year groups the task of participating in our annual Anti-bullying competitions as part of Anti-bullying week.  This year each year group was allocated a different theme based on the National theme of ‘Make some noise about bullying’.  Please see the presentations below:

Year 7 Physical Bullying

Year 8 Friendship issues versus Bullying

Year 7 Physical Bullying

Year 9 Homophobic Bullying

Year 11 Respecting people’s differences


The winning forms were:

Year 7

1st place – 7NSa Lovell

2nd place – 7JSi Moreton

Year 8

1st place – 8JHe Dod

2nd place – 8KMc Royce

Year 9

1st place – 9EDu Dod

2nd place – 9RAb Lovell

Year 10

1st place – 10SBa Dod

2nd place – 10CGr Dod

Year 11

1st place – 11MBe Moreton

2nd place – AMc Dod